About Us

The band has seen many incarnation over the years, but has maintained its roots in rock. Starting as a cover band in 2001 then morphing into an original/cover band they play at local clubs, festivals and travel a 1000 mile radius.  In 2005 Tim moved to Ft. Wayne and revamped the group into seven piece horn band. Frequently the band adds ancillary players for a little extra firepower.

The horn band scenario has always been a dream to create, but is rife with complexities.  Having contemplated  the situation for a few years the opportunity finally emerged. Players that were solid professionals came on board and the band set out to redefine itself.

Merging the old with the new has been a fun process. Founding member and the bands namesake, Tim Harrington has two CD’s released, one with a prior band “Vertigo Pilots” when he was in Arizona and “Pathfinder” with Lafayette, Indiana area musicians. Currently, they incorporate horn arrangements into some of the original tunes, and it has produced exciting results.

Even when covering songs, the band loves to add their own flair. Imagine the Metallica cover of “Whiskey In A Jar” with horns. That absolutely rocks!


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Tim Harrington Band